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It's not just a tailgate,

It's a Tail-GREAT!

Fellowship. Fun. Community. Charity. TailGREAT is an annual tailgate themed fundraiser that was built on the foundation of these core ideas. Now entering its second decade of existence, TailGREAT has become Side Project Inc.’s primary fundraising event, and has developed into a unique charitable tradition enjoyed by hundreds of Pittsburghers each year.

Adam Causgrove started TailGREAT ten years ago as a tailgate party for students at the University of Pittsburgh. The event brought people together for a good cause--a baseball game--and to raise money for nonprofits. Ten years later, Adam and his friends and family continue to host the event and its core purpose remains consistent: A tailgate-themed party that connects people and raises funds for small nonprofit organizations that serve the local community. 


In 2012, TailGREAT became a project of Side Project Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization dedicated to providing legal and management support to nonprofit organizations and grassroots charitable side projects. 


Since its inception, thousands of people have attended the TailGREAT, and more than $20,000 has been raised and donated to local charities. The TailGREAT Project now hosts events in Erie,  Pittsburgh and West Palm Beach, Florida.


Interested TailGREAT’ING in your city? Contact us today about hosting your very own TailGREAT! FUN included at no charge.

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